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We Help You With The Following Notary Services

Peach Magnolia Notary provides efficient, and professional Mobile Notary Services. We are knowledgeable in the State of Georgia Notary requirements.

General Notarizations

General notarizations for any general document, such as, Petition for Divorce, Child Support / Childcare – Daycare Certification documents, etc.

Loan Closing

For a convenient way to conduct new home mortgage loan closings and refinances, you can count on us.

Power of Attorney

We help in Notarization of Power of Attorney Documents irrespective of where you are.

Notarization of Wills

We are professionals in Last Wills and Testament Notarization; we are just a phone call away.


For easy and fast document authentication with Apostilles Stamp, we are always here to be at your service.


We are here to meet all your Notarization needs, including Notarization of Affidavits.

Bill of Sales

Easily transfer any type of personal properties such as, vehicle, boat, etc, we are your dependable Notary Public Service Provider.

Parental Consent Forms

Grant permissions for your children, we are here to make Notarization of your Parental Consent Forms hassle-free.

Fingerprinting Services

We provide high-quality, ink fingerprinting service on FBI cards for individuals and businesses applying for employment background checks, FBI criminal history reports, passport applications, and professional & business licenses.

  • Modification Agreement
  • Subordination Agreement
  • Contract
  • Authorization
  • Resignation of Trustee
  • Sworn Statement
  • Loan Signing
  • Rental Agreement
  • Bank Transfer Service Forms
  • Parental Consent for Travel
  • Affidavit of Forgery
  • Certificate of Identity
  • Compliance Agreement
  • Spousal Waiver
  • Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Refinance Loans 
  • Loan Modification
  • Compliance Agreement
  • Loan Application
  • Buyers/Sellers Loan
  • Advance Health Care Directive
  • Student Enrollment Verification
  • Bill of Sale
  • Living Trust
  • FHA/VA Loans
  • Amendment to Revocable Trust
  • And More…

Mobile Notary Services
You Can Trust


Proud Member of National Notary Association
Certified Notary Signing Agent
Trained Notary Signing Agent
  • Personal Liability (E&O) Coverage
  • NNA Certified
  • NNA Background checked
  • NNA Member

Service Areas

Peach Magnolia Notary Services are available in Georgia including the following cities:

*Willing to travel further but an additional travel fee will be applied



Please read these instructions carefully before scheduling an appointment. 

The Notary Public laws require notaries to take special precautions before notarizing documents:

  • The document or form requiring notarization must be completely filled out
  • We do not draw up documents or help you with completion of the documents*
  • All signer(s) must provide an original, non-expired federal or state issued photo I.D.
  • We may charge additional fees for extra services including but not limited to printing and distance traveled.
  • The signer(s) must be of sound mind, alert, and mentally competent
  • The signer must want to sign the document being notarized

Reasons Why Your Document Was Not Notarized

  • The signer is not physically present at the time of appointment
  • The document is incomplete or blank
  • The signer has been adjudicated mentally incapacitated and has not been restored to capacity as a matter of record
  • The signer cannot produce acceptable identification
  • The signer appears to be intoxicated, sedated, or disoriented
  • The notary knows or suspects that the transaction is illegal, false, or deceptive
  • The notary believes that the signer is being coerced or does not understand the consequences of signing the document
  • The signer or witnesses do not agree to signing the document
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